Biomedical Catalyst Award

The Symatix® membrane is an innovative, synthetic biomaterial designed to support healing in cornea repair and recalcitrant wounds. It can replace the use of Human Amniotic Membrane (HAM) which has been successfully used for several decades, despite having up to 40% failure rate due to its variable nature as a tissue-derived material. HAM is expensive and its availability limited by the complicated supply chain from tissue donation through to implantation. This is a particular problem in developing countries with low tissue donation rates and poor regulatory infrastructure where the clinical need is greatest due to high levels of corneal trauma. As a synthetic product, the Symatix membrane will provide the surgical benefits of HAM but with a step change in availability, affordability and product reliability.

Supported by the InnovateUK Biomedical Catalyst Grant (£925k), we will conduct pre-clinical safety and biocompatibility tests and further proof of concept testing, while also improving the manufacturing process to ensure reproducibility and scalability. Our partner, The University of Nottingham will conduct laboratory evaluations including in vitro cell tests to compare the performance of the Symatix membrane with amniotic membranes and will take the lead on clinical trial design and patient involvement. The output will be a clinical trial plan and technical file that is adequate for submission to the MHRA for authorisation to conduct a first-in-human clinical trial in UK.

Ann Kramer, CEO, about the Symatix membrane

“We are delighted to be awarded our second Innovate UK grant focussing on the development of Symatix. Together with our partners at the University of Nottingham, we are excited to take the Symatix membrane further in its development with the aim to enhance the quality of life of patients”

Symatix is a trademark registered in the UK to the Electrospinning Company.

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  • Last updated: April 29, 2022
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