Combining our experience in material science, biology and chemistry with our state of the art electrospinning equipment, we provide our customers with the future of stent coverings. Through direct deposition of the fibres onto the stent or braid, we can achieve excellent encapsulation whilst our pre-spinning process ensures bonding of the metal to the electrospun textile.

Selective choice of polymers offers flexibility in finding the balance between low friction during deployment and resilience to tears during crimping.

Whether you are developing the next generation coronary stent, tissue graft or occlusion device, we stand ready to work with you from early prototype to full scale manufacturing.

  • Eliminate sewing and manual assemblies
  • Tailorable materials structure
  • Ability to mimic extracellular matrix and control tissue ingrowth
  • Localised/gradient properties
  • Wide range of biocompatible materials
  • Target material structure and performance to where it is needed