Significant advances in recent years mean that cell therapy is becoming a clinical reality.

The unique characteristics of electrospun materials, including scaleability, minimal immunogenicity, regulatory familiarity and the ability to create a custom product, mean that they are well suited for this exciting area of regenerative medicine. We are confident that current challenges for the next generation of cell therapies, such as cell implantation, cell retention and immune-shielding, can be overcome with our electrospun technologies. For example, these case studies show the compatibility of our naked electrospun scaffolds with various tissues.

The Electrospinning Company is developing new proprietary technologies for two applications:

  • Cells as medicines – where molecules secreted by cells have a therapeutic effect (for example secretion of insulin by pancreatic cells)
  • Tissue regeneration – where cells are delivered to create new growth in damaged tissue (for example in the heart following a heart attack)

The KalyptixTM T-bag for Cells as Medicines, for diseases such as Type I diabetes, Haemophilia or Parkinson’s, is an immunoprotective membrane enclosing cells on carrier scaffolds.

Encouraging early data with the Stealth T-bag shows that it allows the efflux of large molecules while keeping cells contained. Development of the technology is ongoing.

Schematic depiction of a macroencapsulation device


Both the membrane and scaffolds are made from electrospun materials (there are more details on our microscaffolds here).

The Cell WandTM for Tissue Regeneration is an electrospun anchor which can be loaded with cells and injected into tissue, promoting implantation and retention of the cells at the site of damage. An alternative to iv injection of cells, it also has potential in the delivery of T cells to tumours.

Electrospinning technology allows the creation of tailored materials with appropriate characteristics – for example, the degree of flexibility – for use in the Cell Wand. The company has generated preliminary in vitro data with a Cell Wand that maintains appropriate mechanical stability when injected into tissue.

Whitepaper - Electrospun Materials for Macroencapsulation Devices

Cell therapies and regenerative medicine have the potential to produce effective, long-lasting treatments and cures for a range of diseases. Recently there have been major advances in designing, controlling, and tailoring relevant cells and organoids for such cures. This progress has brought the concept of therapeutic cell factories closer to becoming real devices which can act as artificial organs and allow patients to lead a symptom-free life.

As our understanding of the cellular aspects of such treatments becomes more comprehensive, the focus for research and innovation is shifting towards the development of appropriate biomaterials to house the cells so devices can facilitate the efficacy of the therapy.

Download our new White Paper to understand more about the current state of biomaterials for cell encapsulation devices, including electrospun biomaterials and their clinical utility in this growing area.

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