Our Symatix®  technology opens new avenues to the development and manufacture of clinical biomaterials that require or would benefit from the addition of difficult-to-electrospin components like extracellular matrix molecules and bioactive compounds. Instead of drawing a fibre from these solutions, our process simultaneously adds the filler material to the fibrous network while it forms.

The Symatix Membrane is the technology’s first product for corneal repair.

Tailored to Application

  • Custom microarchitecture to match biological function.
  • Tuneable mechanical properties
  • Wide range of biostable and degradable polymers
  • Option to cross-link the added Filler component.
  • Inclusion of therapeutics into the Fibrous Network and/or Filler material possible
  • Various thickness ranges available
  • Barrier membranes or porous architecture
Tissue Repair
Regenerative Medicine
Cell Therapy