Professor Harminder Dua about the need for a better membrane

The Electrospinning Company is developing the Symatix® membrane which is an innovative synthetic amniotic membrane substitute. The membrane is created using electrospinning technology and is designed to overcome the limitation of the Human Amniotic Membrane (HAM).

“To get a membrane that does away with all the disadvantages and has all the advantage of the amniotic membrane, is the holy grail we have been looking for.”

Prof. Harminder Dua

A better membrane is required

Human Amniotic Membrane (HAM) is a common product used for treating several ocular surface disorders within ophthalmology and other wound healing applications. Despite being the current gold standard, the failure rate of HAM  is between 33-44%.

HAM is procured from elective caesarean patients and requires extensive facilities for post-processing, and storage. Furthermore, the use of HAM requires stringent serology tests of donors, a special human tissue license and extensive traceability measures. All of which drives up health care costs and challenges the accessibility of treatment to patients.

Benefits of Symatix membrane:

  • Made from synthetic biomaterial ensuring batch-to-batch consistency
  • Mass scale production capability therefor accessible and affordable
  • Easy to handle and can be stored at room temperature
  • Sterile – no risk of disease transmission
  • Versatile – thickness, pore size and degradation duration can be tailored to clinical needs
  • Has the ability to incorporate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

Clinical Advisors

To ensure that the Symatix device handles well in the clinic and delivers the required performance, we are working closely with world-leading experts in ophthalmology. Professor Dua and Dr Sangwan have been part of the Symatix Membrane development from the beginning.


Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Director of Innovation at Shroff’s Charity Hospital, New Delhi, India

Symatix® is the registered trade mark of The Electrospinning Company Limited in the UK.