Virtual EUCornea Meeting – 26 Sept

We are participating in the 11th EU Cornea Virtual Meeting on the 26th September 2020.

The EUCornea Society is a platform to discuss and share knowledge among researchers in the field of ophthalmology. It provides a collaborative opportunity for organisations to progress in cornea and ocular surface disease.

The Electrospinning company is working on a ‘Synthetic Amniotic Membrane’ with the aim to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of developing a fully resorbable synthetic amniotic membrane (AM) alternative. This synthetic amniotic membrane has the ability of repairing damaged conjunctiva which can be a cause of blindness. The use of electrospinning technology to fabricate such a device will closely mimic the native AM and ocular tissue. Read more about the “Synthetic wound healing Membrane”. 

Working together with the University of Sheffield and L.V. Prasad eye clinic in Hydrabad, we have also supported the development of affordable corneal surface regeneration technique. We provided a biodegradable synthetic membrane with full quality documentation and regulatory submissions.

Our team members will be attending the sessions and will be available throughout this virtual meeting to discuss the ophthalmic application of electrospinning. You can contact our team member Marco Thio during the meeting or if you would like to set up a meeting prior to the event please contact us.