Thermoresponsive 3D cell culture scaffolds

A publication in Acta Biomaterialia by a team at Nottingham University, led by Profs Felicity Rose and Cameron Alexander, describes how a thermoresponsive polymer can be incorporated into 3D cell culture scaffolds to facilitate cell release. This thermoresponsive electrospun scaffold system combines the advantages of providing a physiologically relevant environment to maintain a desirable cell phenotype, allowing routine enzyme-free passaging and expansion of cultured cells, whilst offering mechanical support for cell growth.

The Electrospinning Company is engaged in a KTP-funded collaborative project with Nottingham University to develop this technology platform further for the expansion of mesenchymal stem cells in 3D in different bioreactor models.

A thermoresponsive three-dimensional fibrous cell culture platform for enzyme-free expansion of mammalian cellsAfnan M.AladdadMahetab H. AmerLaura SidneyAndrew HopkinsonLisa A.WhiteCameron AlexanderFelicity R.A.J.Rose

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