Setting Standards for Synthetic Biomaterials

The ASTM International defines and sets global standards across industries; these standards are used to improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access, and trade, and build consumer confidence. Standardisation is an important factor in the medical field and being a part of this committee gives us the platform to influence and help set the optimal standards. The Electrospinning Company contributes from its experience with the development of polymer scaffolds that are used in approved medical devices.

In late January, our senior scientist and innovation manager, Dr. Matei Cirstea presented a talk titled “Electrospinning of Absorbable Polymers: An Industry Perspective” in the ASTM International workshop group: ASTM Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices

Dr. Cirstea explored the potential of absorbable polymer scaffolds as enabling technologies in cell therapy to treat a range of life-threatening diseases. Addressing how the current standards are insufficient to characterise polymer materials for this purpose, he covered:

  • Design and fabrication of absorbable polymer scaffolds and membranes using electrospinning technology;
  • Potential applications of these materials as tools for implantation and immune-shielding of cells in therapies;
  • The importance of measuring cell growth and transport properties of such materials for clinical application.

Click here to download the full presentation and if you want to discuss any of these topics further please contact us.