Contract Manufacturing

Electrospinning is a versatile technique for creating fibrous scaffolds suitable for a range of applications in cell culture and therapeutic implants. However it is difficult to fabricate consistent materials without a constant environment, well-maintained equipment and stringent quality-controlled operating procedures. The Electrospinning Company focuses on consistent and scalable production of electrospun membranes. The company works in clean rooms (Class VII or higher that are suitable for medical device products) and all processes are conducted according to its ISO 13485 certification.

We offer clients a bespoke manufacturing service for research grade and clinical grade material. Customers will agree product specifications and product supply terms and conditions. We provide supporting documentation including Certificates of Conformance for all batches. We have a network of approved suppliers to provide research-grade or GMP-grade mechanical and chemical analysis data.

We supply the first electrospun material component to be included in an FDA-approved medical device and sold in the USA.

Quality is checked visually and by SEM within the clean room. All materials are supplied to customers with Certificates of Analysis/ Conformance.

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