PPE components using 3D Printers

We are manufacturing the components of the PPE visors using our in house 3D printers and donating them to the Covid Print Oxford organisation.

As the cases of COVID19 keep rising many of our medical workers are reporting the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safely care for the ill patients. People and communities around the nation are trying to protect the NHS by volunteering to supply and manufacture these PPE. The Covid Print Oxford, based in Oxford is one of these organisations.

The Covid Print Oxford are 3D printer owners, assemblers, outreach, admin, social media geeks, drivers, courier bikers, and medics all working together to help protect our local medics while they treat the COVID19 patients. The current design they are using is a Danish government approved design that is suitable for higher risk medical roles. Over 3,600 visors have been delivered in Oxfordshire, Swindon, Milton Keynes and Coventry, with few going much farther afield.

Please visit the Covid Print Oxford page at www.covidprintoxford.com for more information. They are also fundraising to buy more printing filament and other materials, to donate please click here.

For any other queries please contact us and we will help you the best we can.