Our approach in covering technology

We deposit fibrous membranes directly onto metal and non-metal devices, using expertise that we have gained over a decade of producing innovative non-woven medical textiles.

We select from a wide range of GMP-grade degradable or non-degradable polymers to tailor a medical textile covering to a customer’s device. Both external and internal surfaces can be coated with membranes designed to deliver the desired functionality. Membrane morphologies, such as fibre alignment, fibre diameter and pore size, are adapted to permit cell infiltration or create cell barriers, guide cell migration, improve mechanical properties, and control permeability.

By direct deposition of membranes through electrospinning:

We eliminate the need for the labour-intensive sewing process.

Remove the extra step of  lamination or the addition of extra adhesive material.

Cover complex 3D shapes.

Partner with us for tailored electrospun membrane coatings for your innovative medical devices.

Case study

Customer request: 

  • Coat expandable coronary stent
  • Good seal
  • No delamination or tearing
  • Expand with a balloon 3x the internal diameter

Elastic fibres show no breakages.

Coating stayed intact with no delamination or tears.


If you would like to get additional info please contact us at: info@electrospinning.co.uk