UCL Innovation Forum – London – 24th April 2018

TECL’s CEO Ann Kramer will be speaking at this year’s Innovation Forum event on Regenerative Medicine. A new era in Regenerative Medicine: accelerating research from bench to bedside.

You can register here.

About the event

Stem Cell Therapies, CAR-T, Cell and Gene Therapies, are the cutting-edge technologies of translational medicine in the 21st century. They are revolutionising our approach to the treatment of genetic diseases and cancers in the clinic and are enabling scientists and physicians to deliver the promise of ‘A New Era of Regenerative Medicine’.
You are formally invited to join our growing network of scientists and thinkers at the next great event defining the New Era in Regenerative Medicine, proudly organized by Innovation Forum.
The introductory keynote speaker will be Prof. Mark Lowdell, followed by a panel consisting of Dr. Simon Waddington, Prof. Paolo de Coppi, Dr. Davide Danovi and CEO Ann Kramer, of The Electrospinning Company.

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