Microscaffold Patent Granted

On 23 June 2020, the UK patent office issued the Microscaffold patent (GB2544748A). Our custom Microscaffolds can be made from a large variety of materials and sizes, tailored towards their desired application. Their open, porous, three-dimensional structure allows for facile cell attachment and integration over a large range of cell types.

These scaffolds can form Micro-Tissues in-vitro, under appropriate seeding conditions, which can then easily be further manipulated and pipetted in a high-throughput setting. The optional incorporation of magnetic iron nanoparticles allows these scaffolds to be manipulated using magnets. Due to their small size and consistent structure these Microscaffolds are an ideal candidate as injectable cell carrier for novel cell therapies.

For more information on how custom-made microscaffolds can work for you, please contact us at info@electrospinning.co.uk.