ELRIG Research and Innovation – Nottingham, UK – March 23rd 2016

Valerie Legris will be at ELRIG R&I. To arrange a meeting please email info@electrospinning.co.uk.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Back to Biology”. The meeting will bring together world class speakers and leading industry experts who will discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing and applying new thinking across biology to improve the success of drug discovery. The focus of this meeting will be Cell Biology and Biologics applying new innovations in these fields to improve the success of drug discovery.

This conference will have 3 tracks; the first will define new thinking in the area of biopharmaceutical agents and how this area continues to offer important alternative approaches to drug discovery. The second will focus on Stem Cell Biology and how innovations in this space are offering improved models for research. Finally a new track for this year where we bring Cell Biology and Biologics crashing together in Synthetic Biology: Engineering complex biological systems. Following the success of previous meetings we are expanding the conference this year to include a complementary technology symposium: Innovative Mass Spectrometry.

The objective of this 1 day conference is to provide a communication, education and networking opportunity for scientists engaged in early-phase drug discovery whether in academia, biotech or industry. This conference will bring world class speakers discussing challenges and opportunities in developing new technologies and the way different organisations meet this challenge by bringing their scientists together.

The Research and Innovation tracks are:

Biopharmaceutical Agents: Innovations from Target to Product
Stem Cell Biology: A Roadmap for a Moving Landscape
Synthetic Biology: Engineering complex biological systems

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