Electrospun corneal patches support cell migration

The Electrospinning Company has supplied biodegradable, synthetic electrospun membranes to a team led by Professor Sheila MacNeil and Dr Frederik Claeyssens of the University of Sheffield, who are developing affordable corneal surface regeneration techniques in collaboration with experts in India. A new publication in “Biomaterials Science” titled “Characterisation and evaluation of the impact of microfabricated pockets on the performance of limbal epithelial stem cells in biodegradable PLGA membranes for corneal regeneration, on which Dr Rob McKean is a co-author, describes how the introduction of micropockets into biodegradable microfabricated membranes enhance the migration of cells from limbal explants and how cells transfer readily from the membranes to the ex vivo cornea model.

  • Last updated: February 5, 2014
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