Electrospinning for drug delivery – London – 18th April 2018

The UK-China Mini-Symposium on Electrospinning for Drug Delivery will bring together researchers from both the UK and China to discuss the latest developments in this exciting and rapidly evolving field of pharmaceutical technology. It will take place in UCL’s School of Pharmacy in the heart of London.

Keynote speakers:
Prof Limin Zhu, Donghua University
Prof Mohan Edirisinghe, UCL
Prof Suwan Jayasinghe, UCL
Prof Duncan Craig, UCL
Dr Ian Blagbrough, University of Bath

Other speakers include:
Dr Bilal Ahmad, UCL
Dr Dimitrios Lamprou, University of Kent
Dr Nick Chatterton, Open University
Marco Thio, The Electrospinning Company
Dr Tom Hayes, Bionicia

The full schedule is now available here.

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