Blog: Celebrating The World Science Day for Peace and Development

Welcome to our new blog post – It’s World Science Day for Peace and Development on 10 November.

We would like to celebrate this day that aims to draw attention to the importance of science in everyday life and its applications to improve the life of society. Humanity is facing some big challenges – largely related to climate change and the significant increase in health conditions. Scientists are working vigorously to understand the origin of diseases and how they can be prevented or cured to forge paths for new and improved treatment options.

The next generation of scientists, graduating from university, have the choice between basic and translational research for their careers. Regardless of the preference, it is important to understand the requirements of bringing a medical product to the patient. We acknowledge that this a difficult choice to make, especially if only ever being exposed to academic research. We want to provide new perspectives to students and draw awareness to design and development considerations for new medical products.

Jake Edmans is a final year PhD student from The University of Sheffield.
He joined the Electrospinning Company in May 2022 for a 3-month internship as an R&D Scientist to learn more about product development for human use.

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