Mehri Behbehani, Product Development Manager

As product development manager, Mehri leads and coordinates the development of the Symatix Membrane product, and products within the Symatix technology platform and Cell Therapy and Delivery platform. In her role, Mehri works closely with clients and subcontractors and our IP, business development and marketing team.

Mehri completed her PhD in the Material Science and Engineering department at The University of Sheffield where she developed a testing model for screening novel nerve guidance scaffolds including electrospun scaffolds. She joined The Electrospinning Company in March 2019 and worked as an R&D Scientist and Senior Scientist on a broad range of customer projects, working on unique challenges.

Mehri also has line management responsibilities and is part of the management team. Outside of work, Mehri enjoys developing recipes for gluten free baking as well as bouldering and rock climbing.