John Duckworth, R&D Scientist

John is a Research and Development Scientist at The Electrospinning Company. He designs and develops electrospinning solutions for customers, drawing on his mixed-disciplinary science and engineering background.

John first graduated from Durham University with a MSci in Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Physics), specialising in the rheology of end-functionalised polymers. He then moved to Kyushu University, Japan, to specialise in the melt spinning of bioresorbable plastics, receiving an MEng and PhD in Biomaterial Engineering for his research into the incorporation and mechanical properties of sacrificial fibres and microbeads into calcium phosphate bone cements.

Both inside and outside of his professional life, John has always enjoyed organising things. He runs regular board game and tabletop game events outside of work, and in his free time enjoys hunting down the best wine and beer spots in Oxford.