Brendan Robb, Head of Engineering

Dr Brendan Robb joined The Electrospinning Company as a Senior Research and Development Scientist in February 2015, where he is now employed as the Head of Engineering. He gained his PhD in processing novel electrospun biomaterials from the University of Manchester, working with both the Biomaterials Group in the School of Materials and the Process Control Group in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Building on this experience Brendan secured funding to develop novel osteogenic electrospun materials for dental applications and worked in collaboration with industrial partners to develop the methodology to easily scale out production. His current role within The Electrospinning Company has allowed him to utilise this experience by engineering processes and accompanying hardware solutions to a variety of diverse and novel product concepts.
Outside his professional life, he enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.

He is the author of these publications:

  • “Human embryonic stem cell dispersion in electrospun PCL fiber scaffolds by coating with laminin-521 and E-cadherin-FC”, M. Leino, C. Astrand, N. Hughes‐Brittain, B. Robb, R. McKean, V. Chotteau, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B, Jun 2017
  • “Characterization of Human CD133+ Cells in Biocompatible Poly (l-lactic acid) Electrospun Nano-Fiber Scaffolds”, L. Al-Khalili, K. Gillner Y. Zhang, C. Åstrand, A. Shokri, N. Hughes-Brittain, R. McKean, B. Robb, V. Chotteau, Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, pp. 959-966(8), Dec 2016
  • “Aligned Electrospun Chitosan/Poly-Caprolactone Blended Scaffold: Anti-Inflammatory Effect”, N. Charernsriwilaiwat, L. Carney, B. Robb, P. Opanasopit, T. Rojanarata, S. Downes Electrospin 2012, Jeju Island, South Korea, pp 43.