A Production Technician Intern Journey at TECL

Kinga is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Medical Engineering at Swansea University in Wales. During her industry placement, she was working as a Production Technician Intern at The Electrospinning Company, where she gained valuable experience in the area of biomaterials science and engineering. As a Production Technician, she collaborated closely with the talented Production and Engineering Team, actively involved in the manufacturing process of electrospun medical device components. These components play a vital role in surgical procedures, facilitating effective tissue repair and regeneration.

Within the Production Team, she had a range of responsibilities, like performing equipment setups, troubleshooting technical issues, and reporting any observed anomalies, while following standardised procedures in adherence to rigorous quality standards. She learned about the importance of record-keeping, accurately documenting every aspect of the work conducted, resulting in comprehensive and accurate quality documents.

On the left side is Kinga Swieton in our cleanroom.


Her time at The Electrospinning Company also provided her with hands-on experience conducting a variety of quality tests and operating complex machinery like Scanning Electron Microscopes, Light Microscopes, and Shadowgraphs.

Her journey as a Production Technician Intern covered active involvement in various stimulating engineering and research and development (R&D) projects. Notably, she had the opportunity to design, manufacture, and assemble an equipment component that significantly enhanced the quality of work in LE100 electrospinning machines. This experience enabled her to witness the direct impact of engineering solutions on real-world applications.

She contributed to an investigation into one of our product processes, expanding her understanding of the scrutiny required in ensuring product excellence. These valuable experiences have further deepened her appreciation for engineering principles and their practical applications in an industry setting.

As she prepares to start her final academic year, she is collaborating with The Electrospinning Company for her dissertation project. The focus of her research will centre on the replication of cartilage tissue, with particular emphasis on the deep zone layer where fibres align perpendicular to the surface. Achieving this intricate fibre alignment requires post-processing, and she plans to employ a variety of approaches and methods to accomplish this. The electrospinning process itself will take place at The Electrospinning Company, while subsequent testing of the material will be conducted at Swansea University. By undertaking this dissertation project, her aim is to make valuable contributions to the field of medical engineering, harnessing the great expertise provided by The Electrospinning Company and the invaluable academic resources available at Swansea University.


“My time as a production technician intern at The Electrospinning Company has been an excellent experience, exposing me to the cutting-edge technology of biomaterials science and engineering. Through my contributions as part of the production team, involvement in meaningful projects, and collaboration on my dissertation, I have gained the skills, knowledge, and drive necessary to start a successful career in the field of medical engineering.”

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