Randomly orientated Mimetix® scaffold

Mimics the extracellular matrix while providing a true 3D environment for the cells to grow.

Applications include: non weight-bearing bone regeneration; corneal repair; neurosciences.

Evaluated with a range of immortalised cell lines, primary cells and stem cells.

Mimetix standard scaffold dimensions:

hMSCs grown for 21 days on PLLA/collagen/HA scaffold, courtesy of Dr Raghavendran, University of Malaya
Liver cancer cells (HepG2) grown for 21 days in Mimetix scaffold

Aligned Mimetix® scaffold

Ideal for cells needing physical guidance and/or where cellular orientation influences cell behaviour and function.

Applications include: Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes, myelination assays, nerve conduit repair, tendon repair, cardiomyocytes.

Evaluated with a range of primary cells and stem cells.

Mimetix aligned scaffold standard dimensions:

Schwann cells grown for 21 days, courtesy of Dr Bechler, Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh
Cardiomyocytes grown for 12 days on Aligned Mimetix scaffolds, courtesy of Dr Trepakova, Merck, USA

Extra porous Mimetix® air scaffold

Ideal for flow and bioreactor applications.

Evaluated for stem cell (iPS and hESC) proliferation and differentiation.

Mimetix Air standard dimensions:

  • Fibre diameter of 7-8 microns
  • Porosity of over 90%
  • Depth of up to 3.5 mm
  • Available as discs

For more information on bespoke scaffold formats click here

Highly porous Mimetix air scaffold
Cross section of 2.5 mm scaffold showing complete penetration with muscle satellite cells, courtesy of Dr Chotteau, KTH, Sweden

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