At The Electrospinning Company we can manufacture electrospun scaffolds in a wide range of formats, morphologies, shapes and sizes.

We work with a range of polymers to tailor stiffness and elasticity (Young’s Modulus) and degradation rate to accomodate the proliferation of a wide range of cells.

We produce randomly orientated fibres as well as aligned fibres to suit a wide range of cells.

Please contact us  to discuss your electrospun scaffold requirements.

Example of Polymers (other polymers and blends are available)

  • Porosity of randomly aligned fibre scaffolds can be tailored between 80-95%
  • Sheets can be processed into a variety of shapes using die cutting or laser cutting
  • Composite raw materials can be used
PLGA Tube (3×4) Green
  • There is a 4-8 week lead time for all our made-to-order products (especially when sterilisation is required)
  • Minimum order quantities and set up fees apply
  • Please contact us for a quotation today

Random Fibre Orientation Scaffolds

Aligned Fibre Orientation Scaffolds

Not seeing what you want?

Need a composite material? Not seeing your preferred format or polymer? Have a look at our bespoke services.