Tailored scaffolds

At The Electrospinning Company we can design and manufacture electrospun scaffolds in a wide range of formats, morphologies, shapes and sizes. We can tailor a range of attributes to match your needs for cell growth and behaviour and fit with other materials or medical device components. We always consider the regulatory and cost-of-goods implications when designing scaffolds.

  • Raw Material: synthetic and biological polymers. We can select polymers to tailor mechanical properties such as stiffness and elasticity as well as degradation rate.
  • Porosity: fibre diameter and pore size
  • Fibre orientation: random or aligned and combinations for optimised orientation and strength.

Post-spinning Processing

We have these capabilities within our Class V clean room:

  • Drying and thermal annealing
  • Die-cutting and laser machining
  • Solvent and sonic welding
  • Packaging and labelling

We provide further services through our network of approved suppliers:

  • sterilisation by gamma-irradiation, e-beam or ethylene oxide treatment
  • Bioburden and sterility studies
  • Plasma treatment
Microscaffolds with and without cells
Fibre diameter distribution graph from Fibermetric software

Certificate of Analysis

We will agree scaffold QC parameters with you and supply data in a Certificate of Analysis

  • Fibre diameter and alignment data from Phenom SEM with fibermetric software
  • Mechanical properties
  • Residual solvent analysis (research or GLP grade)

(some analytical studies are out-sourced to approved suppliers)

Contact us to discuss your scaffold requirements