Our aligned electrospun Mimetix scaffold allows:

  • the differentiation of more than 80% of oligodendrocyte precursors into mature oligodendrocytes in 14 days
  • the production of sheath lengths comparable to in vivo situation within 7 days by 90% of the oligodendrocytes
  • the physical guidance and support for Schwann cells

SEM image of the aligned 2 μm diameter PLLA fibres in the Mimetix scaffold

Cortical oligodendrocytes precursors differentiating into active oligodendrocytes and lay myelin on the Mimetix scaffold in the absence of neurons. Cells are stained after 14 days with myelin basic protein (green) and Hoechst (blue).

Percent of oligodendrocyte precursors (NG2) and oligodendrocytes (MBP). More than 600 cells were counted per condition. Mean and standard deviation are shown for three experiments.

Schwann cells were grown for 21 days and stained with anti S-100 (purple) and Hoechst (blue)

Bechler et al., 2015, Current Biology 25, 2411–2416